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I smoked as late as 6pm the night before and used VALE 4X the following day and took the urine test around 2pm the same day and I passed.....the margin was narrow, but I passed...initially it was unclear, but given the 5 minutes the test is supposed to wait, the "line appeared" giving me a negative result...being that I have smoked non-stop for almost 20 years, VALE had it's work cut out, but it came through when I needed it!!! I "highly" recommend it! You do have to follow the directions about eating a dry meal 3 hrs before and drinking boatloads of water. After following the directions I allowed 2 hours for (as the product warns) "excessive urination" while I continued to drink water....then I immediately went to have the test performed. It cost $50 bucks total, which included a package of "pre" vitamins and the Detox drink....and it didn't taste too bad either!

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Detox ( removal toxins )

Human bodies are exposed to various environmental toxins from birth. A toxin is described as a poison produced by an organism that causes disease. Environmental toxins also consist of the toxins from alcohol, cigarette smoke, medicinal and recreational drugs, caffeine, heavy metals, exhaust fumes, pollution, pesticides, and preservatives.

Sometimes, bodies become congested with these toxins due to various causes like short-term heavy exposure, lifestyle, or even a poor diet and alcohol or drug excesses. Some other causes of this exposure are food poisoning and accidental drug intake.

Detoxification, popularly known as detox, is the general term for removal of toxic substances from the body. Though the removal of these substances is one of the natural functions of the kidney, liver, intestines, lymph and blood, it can also be achieved by dialysis.

The primary path is the liver, where this waste is transformed into bile. Bile contains a vast majority of the body's waste matter like dead blood cells and the body's metabolic waste and breaks down fats and lubricates bowel movements.

In some cases, the body cannot dispose of the toxins as quickly as they are generated or injected. The result of this combined with various other factors such as unsolved emotional issues, strain, or another disease can seriously affect the immune system of the human body.

Some of the symptoms are dizziness, tiredness, fatigue, nausea, lack of appetite, headaches, hives, rashes, increased body odor, mild skin outbreaks, and presence or worsening of allergies.

This exposure to toxins combined with various other factors affects the heart and cause strokes or heart attacks in extreme cases and may also lead to cancer and diabetes. Some other illnesses caused are Osteoarthritis, Emphysema, and Cirrhosis.

Though detox is a simple way to cleanse the body of the various toxins it is not a way to overcome any serious addictions like drugs or alcohol dependence.

Some general symptoms of detoxification are mild headaches, fatigue and discomfort in the first few days.

Detoxification System - for urine drug testing only

Temporary Detoxification Products are to be used for urine drug testing only. It�s extremely important that you use these within a few hours of your urine test. Depending on which grade you choose, these systems will cleanse any drug from your urine for 5-6 hours.

The products we have produced in no way masks or hides toxins. They actually flush your urinary tract of toxins, but only for a limited amount of time. We suggest you use a Temporary System when you only have a little time to get clean before your test.

Frequently Asked Question

"I've seen many of these type of products on the internet and in stores, what's the difference between yours and the others?"

When you take a urine test, most times you have to pass two tests. The actual drug test and something called an adulterant test. The adulterant test is used so the lab can tell if you tampered with your sample or not.

One of the five adulterant tests used looks for normal Creatine and Vitamin B levels, as well as visual inspection of the urine color.

Most Products Are Made With Low Quality Standards

Many of the temporary products you see are made cheaply, and will not place the proper amounts of Creatine, Vitamin B, and color back into the sample. The result is an inconclusive test, which means you would have to retake the test or be failed outright.


Temporary detoxification systems require that you have no usage of any substance you want to be clean of 48 hours prior to the day of your test. In most cases, since you will know ahead of time when your test is scheduled, abstaining from usage for 48 hours is not a problem.

But in random drug testing situations, where you will have no idea when the test is scheduled, temporary detoxification systems are not a viable option. Click here if you are being randomly drug tested or will not have at least 48 hours notice before your test.

Our management team consists of former managers of a drug testing facility and a vitamin & mineral manufacturing company, as well as experts in nutrition science. With the experience of working with herbal products and detoxification, our team of experts has produced a product that will give you the results you desire.

Our Goal

At, we understand how serious passing your drug test is. Our promise is to provide you with:

- The highest quality detoxification products

- Top-level customer service

- Integrity - Honest and up-front solutions to your testing situation

Many of our competitors try to fool you with slick looking websites. However, you will find that most of them do not answer the telephone and most e-mail's go unanswered for days. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and confident with the solutions we provide to you.

Please enter our site by clicking here. If you have questions anytime through the process, please contact us via e-mail or toll free. All consultations and advice are held completely confidential.

Detoxification Systems on

How to pass a drug test? We are here to help. contains detoxification products intended to clean your system for better health and in preparation for passing drug tests such as pre employment and employee drug testing for blood, hair and saliva.

Our line includes hair follicle drug testing, urinalysis, and more.

Total Detoxification Products This means that you are going to completely and permanently cleanse and detoxify your blood, urine, hair, and saliva. Once you finish a total detoxification treatment, you can pass drug tests: urine, blood, saliva or hair test; whether it is tomorrow, next week, or next year, as long as you do not use again after you finish the program. This system is the way to go if you know you will be tested all four ways, or unsure how you will be tested at all. Click here for the only Total Detoxification System available today.

Permanent Detoxification This means that you are going to completely and permanently cleanse and detoxify your blood, urine, and saliva (not hair). Once you finish a permanent detoxification treatment, you can pass any blood, urine, or saliva test, whether it is tomorrow, next week, or next year, as long as you do not use again after you finish the program. Click here for the most reliable and effective Permanent Detoxification System available today.

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