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I smoked as late as 6pm the night before and used VALE 4X the following day and took the urine test around 2pm the same day and I passed.....the margin was narrow, but I passed...initially it was unclear, but given the 5 minutes the test is supposed to wait, the "line appeared" giving me a negative result...being that I have smoked non-stop for almost 20 years, VALE had it's work cut out, but it came through when I needed it!!! I "highly" recommend it! You do have to follow the directions about eating a dry meal 3 hrs before and drinking boatloads of water. After following the directions I allowed 2 hours for (as the product warns) "excessive urination" while I continued to drink water....then I immediately went to have the test performed. It cost $50 bucks total, which included a package of "pre" vitamins and the Detox drink....and it didn't taste too bad either!

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29 October 2008, 13:48
vale detox
vale does not work,at all, period. trust me i tried and failed. does not work will get you busted!

06 June 2010, 21:36
heard a lot of good stories
I understand that they're not widely popular and people often pass em off as a scam, but I've also heard a lot of good stories from friends. People who have gotten Govt' jobs using this drink..So idk. Nonetheless I have it and I plan on using, I would like to know what else I could do to ensure my passing. I'm open to any suggestions.

dyer8 =email=
12 July 2012, 13:47
The two weeks prior I took numerouse UA on my own and fail them. Being free of use 21 days still failing the UA. This morning I drank Vale 4x and also chewed 3 Qchew Max Strength. Remember The two weeks prior I took numeroouse UA on my own and fail them. I took my an UA1 hr after drinking Vale4x this morning and fail it. I was scared to death of what was to came. But I went to my UA screeningnot knowing and srtill not knowingif it would or did work. When I returned home I took a the 2nd self UA 4 hrs Later I passed. I just hope I passed the one for my job its 1:30, 5 1/2 hrs later and no calls yet telling me I didn't. I can't call themdon't want to send a sign. I was worried but when I took the 2nd UA after I beleve I passed. I got a tingleing in my mouth about 1 1/2 hrs after using the vale I beleve it was because it started to work. My urine also turned brighter yellow which had been light pale yellow from trying to flush my bladder from the creatine which was a good thing. Good luck I will keep this site up to date on the results.

lilly =email=
24 April 2013, 09:54
vale detox
I have to do a urine test tomorrow morning at 8:20am. I smoked marijuana last night at 8:30pm. I bought the Vale and I`m freaking out on if I`ll pass or not. I`ve been drinking a lot of water. The test is for me receiving my medicine I need for my knee and other problems. Will I pass if I smoked 2 nights before??

mikki =email=
06 May 2013, 21:21
this shit doesnt work
The Guy on the top is full of shit. I used the pre pills and a 3X Vale and I weigh 180. Followed the Directions to the point of measuring the water consumption. I Failed. This is Pure Bull Shit. You want to Pass Grow up and quit smoking the shit only way to be 100%.

michael =email=

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